Best Web Mailing Services In Germany

Germany is one the most educated and populated countries in the world, with over 70 Million active internet users. Also known to be the best market for web-mailing services and Internet service providers (ISPs).

Email is the most common way of communication people choose to use. Almost 99% of the virtual contact of business to clients is made through emails in Germany.

There are many email providers in Germany, so if you are there, you must be confused about which service you should use; what is the best email provider there? We have collected the names of Germany’s top 5 best email service providers and why they are on the top 5 list in 2022. introduced by 1&1 in 1995 is one of the best email providers in Germany because it is used by over 27% of the German population and has over 17 Million active users. also offers Entertainment content, Internet Services, and Cloud service. Keeping all this in mind, they also do not compromise the safety and security of users’ data and give the best protection in sending and receiving emails.

While logging in, you will notice that the login and registration process is highly simple to perform. This is because it was kept in mind that users of all ages, from youngsters to high-end businesses, will use this service, and that’s why it was made easy to create a new account or log into it. offers a mobile application that enables users to easily access their emails and reply to them, even if they are not near a computer. Simply install the application on your phone through Google Play Store or App Store and send and receive emails at any time.

So if you’re thinking of choosing as your email provider, this might be the best decision you will make.


GMX internet services introduced GMX in 1997. This emailing service is completely ad-supported and is considered one of Germany’s topmost used web-mailing services in 2022. GMX covers almost 25% of the German Market with over 11 Million active users.

GMX has a mobile application that helps users send emails wherever they are; you need the application installed on your phone and a working internet connection. It is very user-friendly, and the safety and security GMX offers are known to be the best.

GMX guarantees that  The security and safety of their sent and received emails are completely end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that the data will not be misused, messed with, and kept safe.



T-Online is a well-known German Telecom Company introduced by a multi-channel media company Stroer in 1995 and is used by almost 12% of internet users in Germany. T-Online web-mailing service has more than 4 Million active users worldwide.

According to T-Online CEO, they are working hard to be the leading European Telecommunications Provider in Germany. The safety and security this service offers are very secure, and the end-to-end encryption makes it even more attractive to users, and they decide to use this as their web-mailing service.

So, if you’re considering choosing this service as your mailing provider, you are off to a good start.



Although Outlook isn’t a German-based company, because it is Microsoft’s emailing service, Outlook has good health of users in German of almost 9%. Introduced in 2011, Outlook still catches the eye of many internet users mainly because of the safety and security they offer.

Although the main service of Outlook is emailing, it also offers calendaring so you can set reminders of important meetings and appointments you can’t miss, Task Managing, Contact Managing, and much more.

Outlook is a very good option for you if you are in Germany and choosing an emailing provider for yourself.


AOL is an American web-mailing service introduced by Tim Armstrong in 1985, headquartered in New York City. Verizon bought AOL in 2015 at a whopping $4.4 billion. It has covered almost 6% of internet users and has only more than 9Million monthly views from Germany.

However, AOL isn’t really based in Germany. Still, because of the premium features and user-friendliness this web-mailing service offers, it stands on the top 5 list of the best email providers in Germany.


This is it! We hoped this list helped you decide which email providers best suit your needs if you’re in Germany. Enjoy!

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