Best MangaHere Alternatives – Read Manga Online for Free

MangaHere was one of the most renowned websites to ever exist that offered users access
to thousands of manga series for free. However, the sad news is that this website has been
permanently shut down in 2022 because of unknown reasons and users are now looking for

Best MangaHere Alternatives in 2022

Below is the list of websites we personally think you should consider using as an alternative
of MangaHere because they offer similar features and UI.


MangaFox offers you to read high quality manga for free. Also, they have a community
section, where users can interact with others and discuss their favorite series. MangaFox
has many different options for reading the manga, whether it’s online or in an app.

They also have a section dedicated to yaoi mangas which we think is pretty awesome
considering most websites do not offer yaoi literature.


MangaTx has a great interface and is easy to navigate through. It allows users to easily
search for their favourite manga, read reviews about the manga, and find related content.
MangaTx also has a wide variety of genres that are available for viewing and downloading.

Most MangaHere users are shifting to MangaTx because it offers all of the features
MangaHere offered and is better than it in many ways. Starting from UI, Navigation, Manga
collection and much more.


Manga168 offers translated versions of popular manga such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece,
Fairy Tail and many other popular series from Japan. Manga 168 has a lot of free content
and their goal is to provide the best manga ever to users worldwide, and the best part is that
all of this is for free.

Although they have not been around for long, they have already gained a lot of users and
are growing as a popular choice for reading manga online. So, if you are thinking to choose
Manga168 as your manga reading destination, it is undoubtedly the best choice you will


MangaEden was founded in 2007. The company was founded by a group of manga fans who
wanted to introduce the world of manga to everyone. They have also started releasing their
own original content and you can find tons of genres and categories of series and novels on
the site.

They also offer free membership so you can use it as a sample of what they have to offer
before you decide to pay for a premium membership.